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Bay-to-Bay Initiative

Active circles of climate activists and social change-makers across the Greater Bay Area of China and the San Francisco Bay Area


The "Bay Areas" of China and the US are twins in many ways: both are innovation hubs with rich offerings in financial resources and talents in social innovation. Both hubs enjoy a high level of urbanization and population diversity. However, the two areas have massive potential for enhanced knowledge exchange during the current political climate, primarily in the collaboration in climate actions.

This initiative is built on and aim to catalyze circles of climate activists and change-makers in facilitated working groups to align and plan. The working circles are created to achieve tangible outcomes in 4-6 months. The working groups could consist of the following individuals or organizations:

  • social entrepreneurs

  • community leaders

  • foundations

  • corporate CSV/CSR representatives

  • government officials

  • researchers

  • media personnel

Interested in joining or sponsoring a working group? Email us at


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