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How do we work with circles across sectors?

Need a thought partner to design your project that has social implication? 


Impact Circles offers consulting service with expertise in research, campaign strategy, community engagement, and program co-creation. Our partners' network is spread across East and Southeast Asia as well as the San Francisco Bay Area. We believe that (1) social, and environmental movements are intriguingly connected, and (2) the complex public problems cannot be solved alone - an informed, vibrant, engaged community is the soil for change. 






Stakeholder mappping

Deep listening

Clarify pain points

Develop shared terminology

Empathy mapping

Brainstorm solutions

Community validation

Prototype events/ programs

Communicate objectives

Mobilize networks

Program support


Data-driven evaluation

Exit interviews

Learning sessions



Partner circles:

Impact Entpreneurs Business Clinic

EY workshop photo.jpeg

From March-June 2022, Impact Circles collaborated with EY to create workshops that created a platform for social entrepreneurs to engage with EY's finance professionals on the topic of investment, accounting, and financial modeling.

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Partner circles:


Towards a joint mission of making more effective economic policies that support the development of the small-to-medium-sized enterprises in Hong Kong, Impact Circles represents mission-driven startups and updates the community's wants and needs at Commerce and Economic Development Bureau (CEDB)'s monthly meetings. 

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Community needs assessment


To celebrate the vibrant impact community, Impact Circles co-creates with 7 other partners an "Impact Communities New Year Get-Together," igniting old connections, new conversations, and all the excitement of a collective vision for the city in 2021.

Partner circles:

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Impact Community Get-Together Unconference

IC x uni.jpg

Partner circles:

IC x uni 2.tiff

Impact Circles signed an MOU with Southern Luzon State University's College of Arts and Sciences and International and Alumni Affairs to offer 4,000 students exposure to social enterprises in Hong Kong.

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Social Entrepreneurs-students mentorship & placement

Partner circles:

SE Meetup_banner.png
SE Meetup_Mentors.png

Joined by 100+ social entrepreneurs and grassroots activists, the webinar was dedicated to social enterprises that are struggling during the pandemic. The panelists, coming from the civic sector, shared their insights and resources on enhancing organizational resilience and turning adversities into advantages during the time of crisis.

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COVID Coping Strategy Peer Mentorship Workshop


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