How we started, how we’ve grown, and introducing the faces behind Impact Circles - the believers, the do-ers, the game-changers.


Impact Circles first started out as Social Entrepreneurs Meetup, a monthly meetup event for social entrepreneurs and those interested in social impact. The first event was held in January 2019, when the founders - three experienced tech startup community builders - stumbled at the disconnectivity of the innovation and the local grassroots network. The idea was to create a series of events to bring together entrepreneurs, social workers, policymakers, academia, and more to dill down to the different perspectives of the same social issue, identify the blockers, and encourage collaboration towards disruptive changes. Through ongoing monthly events, SEM has grown into a community of 1,500+ members with a diverse background, with 10 trained event organizers and community builders. SEM Taiwan chapter is founded in 2020 to build bridges across the cities. Due to the rapid growth of the community with more hubs getting established around the globe and a larger service offering, SEM was rebranded into Impact Circles in 2020. Taking inspiration from TEDx, IC adopts decentralized governance through empowering the community builders to organize their own events with the IC brand and network.